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Alex Dreppec is a German author with hundreds of publications...

... in German journals, school books and anthologies, both the most renowned ("Der große Conrady" - since 2008) and the best sold among them - and three poetry books and a poetry CD. His English poems have been published on all five continents, literally (see below).
He has been awarded the renowned "Wilhelm Busch" Prize for humorous poetry in 2004 and has won a number of Poetry Slams in German cities. 2004, he invented the so called Science Slam which became very successful in Germany and spread to many other countries.
2016, his first English-German poetry book "Tanze mit Raketenschuhen / Dance with Rocket Shoes. Science Slam Poetry" was published.
Contact: AlexDreppec A.T gmx.de (please chose a distinctive title for your e-mail)

English Publications

Poetry Books English/German

"Tanze mit Raketenschuhen / Dance with Rocket Shoes", chiliverlag, 2016, ISBN 978-3-943292-50-3

Poetry in Magazines and Anthologies

Poems "Negation Nations", "Final fever" in: filling Station, 73, Canada, 2020 (p. 8ff), ISBN 774-47083652-9

Poem "One Block of Houses" in Projectionist's Playground 9, 2019 (p. 18), UK, available from: eyeglasszines.etsy.com

Poem "Underpass" in: Howard Firkin (Ed.), "One Surviving Poem", In Case Of Emergency Press, Australia 2019 (p. 68), ISBN: 978-0-9943525-6-9

Poem "Spam Poem" in: New Contrast 187, Volume 47, Spring 2019 (p. 46), South Africa, ISSN 1017-5415

Poems "The Night is the Shadow of the Earth", "Not the pizza guy, Lassie" in: Jay Chakravarti, "Nocturne. Poetry of the Night", Culture Cult, India 2019 (p. 12), ISBN: 9781694669780

Poems "Metropolar / Colors Only at Night", "The Silence Of The Felt Slippers" in: Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, Issue 47, Hongkong/China 2019 (p. 112), ISSN: 2308-2216.

Poem "Buy" in: "Sprachspielereien 15", 2019 (p. 29)

Poem "Blooming Bee" in: Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, Issue 45-46, Hongkong/China 2019 (p. 214), ISSN: 2308-2216.

Poem "The Rearguard Of The Passers-By" in: Vivekanand Jha (Ed.): Universal Oneness. An Anthology of Magnum Opus Poems from around the World (360 poems by 360 poets from 60 Countries), Authors Pree, India 2020 (p. 16), ISBN 978-93-89110-19-7

Poems "After the so-called Expansion of Consciousness", "Psychedelic Fog Swathes Swabia" in: pacificREVIEW: Hallucination, 2019 (p. 136f), ISBN-13: 978-1938537820

Poem "[Insert Title of Poem Here]" in Holiday Newton (Ed.) "Pinnacle. A poetry anthology", 2019 (p. 11)

Poem "Flowers!" in Harbinger Asylum, Winter 2018 (p. 57), ISBN: 9781791772802

Poem "Estimate the Time by the Traffic Noise" in "Cake", 10, 2018 (S. 12), ISSN 2041-3580

Poems "Letters", "Yelp" in "Parody on Impression", 6.2, 2018 (S. 28, S. 30), ISSN 2165-6606

Poem "Underpass" in by Dr. Deepak Chaswal (Ed.), Dr. Pradeep Chaswal (Ed.): Contemporary Poetry (Volume-4), CreateSpace, India, 2017 (P. 6), ISBN: 978-1976309007

Poem "Weedgrown Wonderland" in Daniel J Rice (Ed), "Awake in the World", Riverfeet Press, 2017

Poem "Ruts" in Ron Carey and Dominic Taylor (Ed.) "Voices from the Cave", Revival Press, Ireland, 2017 (p. 51)

Poem "Masochist Marsh" in Daniel Ableev (Hrsg.) "Novelle-CD fuer Experimentelles", 2017, ASIN: B072J85226

Poem "This is not REAL. This is BARCELONA" in "Door is a Jar", 6, Winter 2018 (p. 60), ISBN 978-1973444107

Poems "Robespierre's Ruin", "Therapying Thunderstorms" in "Parody on Impression", 6.1, 2017 (S. 28f), ISSN 2165-6606

Poem "Jogging Through Fog" in Susann Moeller (Ed.): "Open Earth II - Eco Poems", PM Books, USA, 2017, ISSN 0196-5913

Poem "You Should Have Visited this City" in "The Cincinnati Review", No. 13.2, Winter 2017 (45f), ISSN 1546-9034

Poem "I am H2O" in "The Offbeat", Volume 17, Fall 2016 (38), ISBN 978-0-9978151-1-5

Poems "Gaping Grave's Gaiety", "De de Saussure et de saucisson" in "Parody on Impression", 5.2, 2016 (S. 29, S. 33), ISSN 2165-6606

Poem "Jogging through the Fog" in: A.J. Huffman (ed.): "Secrets & Dreams", Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2016 (page 109), ISBN 9-781530-990702

Poem "Eating Electric Eels" in "Parody on Impression", 5.1, 2016 (S. 11), ISSN 2165-6606

Poem "The Rearguard of the Passers-by" in "Notre Dame Review", No. 42, Summer/Fall 2016 (S. 58f), ISSN 1082-1864

Poems "Message from an Extinct Republic", "The Vow of Ahmed el Shalhow" in: Jonathan MS Pearce (Editor): Filling The Void: A Selection Of Humanist And Atheist Poetry, Onus Books, 2016 (28, 226), ISBN: 978-0-9926000-8-2

Poem "Machines" in "GFT Presents: One in Four", Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2016 (S. 27), ISSN 2469 4641

Poems "A Thought Once Left", "Liquor from Obsolete Egg Cups", "One of your Neck Hairs", "Ruts", Erbacce, Issue 45, 2016 (S. 25ff), ISSN: 1744-2699

Poem "Reverse Recovery" in "the 7th Quarry", UK, 2015

Poems "Dance with Rocket Shoes", "Pacemaker" in Bernadette Geyer (Editor): My Cruel Invention: A Contemporary Poetry Anthology, Meerkat Press, 2015, ISBN-13: 978-0996626200

Poem "Vegans Versus Vampires" in "Parody on Impression", 4.2, 2015 (S. 18), ISSN 2165-6606

Poem "Gathering Mushrooms at Night" in: The Binnacle. Twelfth Annual Ultra-Short Edition 2015, ISSN 2160-634X

Poem "Exoplanetin/Exoplanetress" in: "Before Passing", Great Weather for Media, 2015 (S. 75), ISBN 978-0-9857317-6-2

Poem "Insert Title of the Poem Here" in: Orbis #171, Spring 2015 (S. 38), ISSN 0300-4425

Poems "Transoceanic Twitter", "Machines" in "The Transnational - A Literary Magazine: Vol. 2", 2015 (page 61), ISBN 978-3738604283

Poem "The Night is the Shadow of the Earth" in: A.J. Huffman and April Salzano (ed.): "Switch (the Difference)", Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2015 (page 75), ISBN 978-1505997323

Poems "High Beam", "Skin Geography", "Be my Fetish" (printed without titles) in "Literary Sexts. A collection of short + sexy love poems", Words Dance Publishing, 2015 (pages 36ff), ISBN 978-0692359594

Poem "Inky Interchange" in "Glasaugenstern", chiliverlag, 2015 (page 98), ISBN 978-3-943292-21-3

Poems "A Draught of Draft", "Outpost", "Summerday Butterfly", in "Carillon", Issue 40, Winter 2014 (pages 12f), ISSN 1474-7340

Poems "Requiem fuer/for Pluto" in "Die Novelle. Zeitschrift fuer Experimentelles 4. Perfekte Planeten" 2014 (pages 36f), ISBN 9-781505-573220

Poems "Abysmal Abbot", "Spicy Stuff", "Cheap Chimneysweeper", "Kitty Kamikaze" in "Parody on Impression", 3/2, 2014 (pages 22, 23, 29), ISSN 2165-6606

Poems "Almond Harvest", "Letters Follow Streets I" in Interpreter's House, 2014 (page 24), ISSN 1361-5610

Poems "Atomic Agatha", "Pretty Planet" in Holly Harwood (ed.): Words Fly Away - Poems for Fukushima, Green Wind Press, 2014 (pages 111, 112)

Poems "Murdoch's Mordor Monster Mama", "Camera Chameleon" in The Journal, #42, 2014 (page 24), ISSN 1466-5220

Poems "Masochist Marsh", "Early Earthenware", "Eunuch's Eulogy" in "Parody on Impression", 3/1, 2014 (pages 19, 30), ISSN 2165-6606

Poem "Transoceanic Twitter" in "English Journal. National Council of Teachers of English", Vol. 103, No. 4, March 2014 (page 99), ISSN: 0013-8274

Poem "Donna's Detonation Disco" in Nikia Chaney (editor), "Verse/Chorus: A Call and Response Anthology", Jamii Publishing, 2014 (pages 69f), ISBN 978-0991297504

Poems "Machines", "Skin Geography" in "Current Accounts", Bank Street Writers, Bolton/UK, 2014

Poems "Underpass", "Unterfuehrung" in "Sprachspielereien 4", 2014 (page 7)

Poems "Arcane Aphrodite", "Asphalt Asparagus", "Burton Beatitudes", "Cellulite Cinderella", "Zombie Zealotry" in "The Hoot & Hare Review" No.2, 2013, ISBN 9781492899693

Poems "Cloned Cooks Conquer Canada", "Buy" in "Parody", 2/2, 2013, ISSN 2165-6606

Poems "Underpass", "Unterfuehrung" in "Borderlands. Texas Poetry Review", 39, 2013, ISSN 1065-0342

Science (published under his civilian name)

Zeschel, A. und Deppert, A. (2011): Lexical predictability in comprehension in: Zelinsky-Wibbelt, C. (ed.): Relations between Language and Memory (331-372). Frankfurt: Peter Lang.

Deppert, A (2003a). Comparing Apples and Pears: Latent Semantic Analysis. In C. Zelinsky-Wibbelt (ed.): Text Transfer: metaphors, translation, and expert-lay communication (127-155). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Sample poems


Mostly miraculous masochist malarkey:
many mud masochists move marshward merrily.
Mesmerized murmuring masochist masses
meet macerating mud, moonlight morasses,
mossiest, messiest moorland mud meets
mistiest, muggiest murks, millipedes.
Mizzle, muck, mandrake, mash, maggots make muddle.
Many mosquito murks move, mollycoddle
masochists, milk marinated membranes,
masochist's merriest mania maintains.
Mosquitos munch masochist's man made mojito,
making masochists moan: "mosquito, mosquito!"

published in "Parody on Impression", 3/1, 2014, ISSN 2165-6606


Shadows grow
out of their clothes.
The moon gives you
a magic hat.
Without any trace
of the video track
the soundtrack
to your lip movements
arrives as a mere
pressure wave.

published in "Carillon", Issue 40, Winter 2014, ISSN 1474-7340



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